Sunday, August 17, 2014


     Hello! I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences regarding the term Past Life Regression. When I was 16 I had my first past life session. I wanted to know, "Where did all this magic start for me"? I was defin. answered with a lifetime when I was what is now referred to as a pharaoh of sorts. See words now are not the same as wherever you go. So it is the closest word my mind could compare out loud.

     I was raised as boy by my mother in a tribe of all women. I was never spoken to out loud. Only telepathically. The tribe was guarded by lions. Usually only the females lionesses. When I turned 16 I was told by my mother, the priestess, that it was time for me to go. I was given nothing and forced out by being shunned. I tried to hug my mother goodbye but she refused to give me any energy. I left. Walking through the dessert I dug for water and ate slices of cactus and whatever else I could find. Sometime had past, my hair was short when I left and it was long when I was finally found. It seemed a hallucination at first as these gorgeous men (Men...whom I had never seen before) dressed in white loin cloths and gold bangles scooped me up. Their faces were sharp and chiseled like. They had long hair as well. We looked similar. There was 1 women with them that said, "It is him. He is The One." I didn't have any energy and I passed out as they carried me "home". I was taken inside a small pyramid building. I could feel the cool temperature inside. There were people happily doing their daily living chores. Children ran around happy with balls and sticks. The women and men wore their hair long, straight, and black. They all wore white garments. There were gardens everywhere. Lots of tall beautiful flowers growing with fruits and veggies. I was taken "upstairs" to the top of the pyramid where I was bathed and shown my chambers. There was a very large doorway without a door. After they cleansed me and dressed me, they had me go outside and meet "my" people. I was scared. I didn't understand. I looked into a large mirror before heading out the door and I saw in my minds eye my mother staring at me through the mirror. And she spoke to me for the first time. She explained to me that I was born of the stars. That it was always in my destiny to be for the people. I am was placed here to help. And when they would see me they would feel that resonate inside their soul, because "they" called for me. She told me she loved me and that she would always be there in spirit. She placed her hands in pray pose touching her bottom lip with them as she tilted her head down and stared into my eyes. I released tears. I stood tall, strong, and in alignment with what was to be my "new" life. I walked outside and looked down at the villagers. They cheered and smiled and danced in the street. I smiled with them. I was theirs. I was born for them.

The regression continued to my point of death which was painful. I died older with sand in my lungs. There were people around my bed, but I was a celebrate man so they were not family of my birthing. I asked myself in spirit before I died...."did I make a difference?" And in a breath I heard from far away my mother say yesssssss and I drifted out into sparkly dust looking energy to become one with the energies of which I was created.
That session changed my world. It changed my reality from a young girl who did tarot readings and watched people that had passed on, to remembering that, that is why I came. To help. There are as many ways to help that there are people on this planet. Is this limited to time and space?

In my experience it is not. As the years went on and I practiced this form of communication. I have found that we are not bound by time when we are in such a space of relaxation and trust. When you "leave" there are no boundaries that are limited. When I ask your guide to come forth to take you to that place that your spirit desires to go...We are not in charge of  where that is. Your higher self is not bound by our same planetary laws. Last week a client of mine returned with her family on another planet where they had the energy construct of what we would call dragons. Their energy could shapeshift from reptilian to human-like. Their energy did not feel like the reptilians that we talk about here. They were passionate, and intensely possessive to those they loved, or what they believed in. It was a concurrent life that mirrors her present life. The karmas are reflected from one to the other.

Therefore, how can we a spiritual beings keep suggesting past life regressions when we are no longer bound? Time keeps speeding up, meanwhile we are eagerly trying to collect experiences and we are shooting out the signals that we are ready for more. Give us more, faster brighter more loving, etc...this shows in the speed of what regressions used to be for me and how they are now.

It used to be 16 years ago that I would give a reading, it would take a long time to relax the being and they could only get through a partial life. Currantly a being needs less relaxation, goes straight to the Akash, calls for their guide, and whoosh! 6 lifetimes and 2 1/2 hours later....a being comes out with greater understanding and gifts to keep moving them down their path...All life Integration. Trusting to go anywhere in time and space to collect awareness with the bubble of your guide holding you.

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