Monday, April 8, 2013

Fairy Food Forest Videos.

I thought I would try my hand at video tapping myself. 
In the future I will have someone else do that for me.
seems videos and I have alot of learning to do. 
But the background is good info and some real scenes of what we are doing and the stages we had been in.
Please post a comment and leave behind and advise or questions! 
Sweet dreams!!

Past Life Regression or Self integration?


I became an author today! My first article was published at

Yeah so exciting. I just leapt. 
I don't know how I will land, but I sure am enjoying the ride.
If you would like a reading,
I am offering email sessions through
this page:
Just click on my face, click on email reading, sign up for free,
 and it will show you the way from there. 
I hope to be hearing from you! 
Excited to be finally on this journey I have waited for so long!
Inner child squealing time! 
30 sec. happy dance in session!
Bye bye 

p.s news from the Fairy food Forest to come! 
Interesting news regarding our project and Kansas University Big Event!
Stay Tuned!!!