Sunday, August 17, 2014

There are times when we are faced with challenges, hardships, fears, cliffs, tests of faith...In these moments we always have a choice. Its universal law for humans to be given options for every circumstance we come across. My life has been no exception. I am thankful for my struggle and my pain. I am blessed to be sitting here in front of this technology. I am blessed to get to share with you my inner awareness and my underlying thought currents that propel me further on my path. maybe in my words I will find more peace. Maybe sharing my experiences will help another find a clear break through the forest of unknowing. At any rate...I am here.

She lives in fairy tale world that most dont understand. She walked between worlds and was guided by the divine order of the feelings realm. Her quest for love was unwavering. She always had faith that creator God would always have her and show her the way.The trials of her faith were tested in subtle ways unless she turned a blind eye, which she of course would do....

Do you have moments in your life where you turn a blind eye? Is the choice to hard? Are you caught up in a pattern that you feel you are powerless and have no control.
                                                                   RELEASE CONTROL
                                                                   RELEASE THE PATTERN
                                                                   RELEASE THE POWERLESSNESS
                                                                   RELEASE EVERYTHING

She has memories of flying free...formless...untethered...unrestrained...totally loved uncontrollably. There were no walls. There were no barriers. There were no no's. There only...was....everything she desired. Her colors flowed like watercolor paint through the atmosphere. She designed it that way. She desired color and movement to spread rampantly...unhindered..unjudged...un. and then without a thought it would wipe clean and she would dance again. This time with sound. And the music poured out of her the vibration rippled through the universe. and the "others" started to feel. A pulse. the pulse ricocheted through the spaces of everything and nothingness. free. and "they" started to awaken. From groggy eyes the space started to swell. she smiled.....and danced float glittered continue on her mission to play. "They" were the elders. The ancient ones. The "Gods". The deities. Formlessness. The Void. Zero point. She was not the only inner child. There were many. They had their own ways. Their own joys. Their own creations. Their own desires. Each one personal to themselves. Once in awhile they would combine together in thought forms. Clusters. creating. Playing. mischievous children of the spaces in between. But She...Sha...was an illuminated one. Her light blazed bright burned streaks of rainbows in the night. MMM but oh did she stir up energy. Always mixing in with the "ones" that coagulated in masses creating density. She danced and spun in between their stagnation pits trying to create movement. Pulling at the cords that helped them stick. Turbulence. Waves. And for would work...they would break free from their spaces and join their soul shine...creating brilliance throughout existence. And when they did...they would light up...remembering why they were born unto the void. It was not the "Gods" that desired to create. no....they had been there. They rested. Their joy came from watching the children play, watching the newness the children painted. In this "they" would smile. and watch from afar. Eternity was created for them to do as they willed. And their will...continues.

And the beat goes on..duh duh duh dunt!
Do you ever find that life is easier to follow if you look at it like a fairytale? Why do you think that is? Maybe our own inner children remember what its truly like to be filled with joy and creative inspiration. Maybe our gods want us to play and be happy. Do you not see that the break down comes from our inner joy becoming unfulfilled?  Do you ever see sad people or angry people and you just wanna do anything to shake them fro their sleep? Do you ever need shaken from your sleep? As a mother it is easy for me to see life as a child...through childlike lenses. They are here to be...come...something powerfully vibrant and great. We as parents only wish for their happiness. If the Hermetics concepts of As Above So Below As Below So above are in any way accurate then...if you as a parent find happiness in seeing your child happy then why would it be any different for our creators? Our Gods? Our God? Our Goddess? I really dont think it is. Choose the path that illuminates your highest joy. That illuminates others in your reality. its time...dear ones to remeber to....Shine.

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