Friday, January 18, 2013

Wow....So today I am going to a job interview to work as a resource room para. I am especially excited about this. I have always wanted to work with children that are seemingly struggling. It is a goal of mine to graduate with a masters in Anthropology focused on the evolution of children. There is an amazing woman +Dr. Meg Blackburn Lousy. She has written many books about children of this new world.

I would like to focus my schooling on a similar path. To be able to go into a public school or a Waldorf School and help them better be able to take care of children that have various labels (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensor Disorders,  OCD, etc..) and see them as a child with different needs rather than a handicap. There are subtle changes that can be made in a child's environment or way of learning that could be tweaked... I want to be that liaison. A person that can see outside of the box and translate it back in.

So...tiny steps, I am about an hour away to be interviewed as a para. if the Universe has other plans for me so be it. I am going with the flow.

Tonight...some yoga swing action, maybe going to take littles to Laugh Out Loud! (Man we love this place!)  Maybe some pictures of both! Golly I don't have any pictures on here!

Tiny Meditation and Affirmation:
allowing love to fill my body head to toe...hold your breathe count of 4
releasing anything stuck or thoughts that hinder
hold exhale count of 4
Inhale filling with the thought forms of
I am walking that path of my higher good
Allow all thoughts contrary to release
If it is meant to be it will be
And so it is.

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