Thursday, January 17, 2013


 And so it begins....
I have been wanting to create a blog for quite some time now, but usually I just revert to Facebook. What is this blog going to be? Good question. Short journey through all this life-ness. yes i use quirky words and dont capitalize my i's all the time. is
Day 1.
It was a sleepy sort of day. Mayara,2, runs around naked (she refuses to keep her clothes on)hoping for me to play non-stop My Little Ponies and getting into the cuties leaving orange peels scattered about. Its has sweet imagery of Hansel and Gretel while I move sloth like to clean it all up. Creating this blog was my creative outlet.
I thought to myself~Yoga~ and immediately my mind goes to..."I like to yoga yoga. I like to yoga yoga. I like to.....YOGA" and so 30 sec. dance party proceeds in my mind. 

It is the kids' get ready for bedtime...the craziest time of a mothers day...and so I am scared of what the house will look like when I turn around and change my focus from this electrical world to my physical motherly one...

Deep breath in
sit straighter in the chair
deep breath out
release expectation that the house will be a chaos factory 
deep breath in
filling myself with will power
deep breath out 
centering in my heart.

here I go. 
Till tomorrow~ 


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